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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on joulukuu, 2013.

What inspires me to compose new piano music ? Mikä inspiroi minua säveltämään uutta pianomusiikkia ?

My greatest inspirations in piano music I have got e.g. from Domenico Scarlatti, 

W A Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin. And from Bill Evans, from 

Don Grolnick.  
And from African musicians Lamin Saho and Jali Kebba playing kora and singing. 
And somehow from  Finnish pianist-composer Selim Palmgren, and from Estonians Mart Saar and Heino Eller.  

I have listened with interest to Bela Bartok and Claude Debussy.
And of course Jean Sibelius inspires me.
And the wind, and the rain, and the birds, and the breeze ..
My dear Friends : I wish that you listen to a bit of my new composition Ballade from my site !
Go to Music by Antti .. and to Ballade.
I'll publish the whole work Ballade in next January. 
Best regards,

"Bachette" Pianolle, uruille, kitaralle / "Bachette" for piano, organ, guitar etc. by Antti S Hernesniemi (2002) Ole hyvä ! Please !