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Yksi kolmesta - One of Three /// AH 2008

When Letters and Numbers Quarrelled

Letters and Numbers were arguing which ones are the most important and doing well 
Letters said Yes were doing well Were always up and no one can be tossing us
Numbers said No We are doing much better than you All the businessmen and all the bank executives like us and let us hang around with them
Letters said  Hah hah But we bring a lot of joy to everyone All authors are our friends
Then Punctuations came there saying Oh oh oh We are the ones who are popular and doing well We will win all the favorite competitions and will be last on the stage We have always the last word
Letters and Numbers had to be quiet for a while
Punctuations had a dispute between Point and Comma They said they are the most popular and most visible
What do you say said Question mark and Exclamation mark We are the biggest and we will always finalize 
Question mark and Exclamation mark were very pleased with their success
But then Dash came on the scene It said  Well Well  Well All kind of things you babble Dont you know…

Ystäväni Evijärveltä : Aleksi Perinnemies - My Folklore Friend from Evijärvi : Mr. Aleksi

Näkymä näyttelystäni Rantatien Galleriassa syyskuussa 2007 - A View to My Exhibition in Tuusula Rantatie Gallery in September 2007

Dzidyssä - In Dzidy

Cprght AH

Lunta Lapissa - Snow in Lappland