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CD Bridge (Silta) by Antti S Hernesniemi reviewed by Grego A. Edwards

Antti Samuli Hernesniemi
Bridge (Silta), Compositions 3, Music for Clavinova and Piano
No one who knows the New Music world we live in today would tell you that you might expect just one possibility when you are exposed to a new composer these days. There are I suppose limits to what one might hear but I can say honestly that I do not detect what the boundaries might be. So every new exposure gives one a new possibility. I bring this up because the music of living Finnish composer Antti Samuli Hernesniemi as I am hearing it on his recent CD Bridge/Silta (MSR Classics 1615) opens up interesting ground on the piano/clavinova (MIDI driven piano) front. This is the third volume of his compositions released on MSR and the first I have heard.

It is an example of how open the New Music world really is. Hernesniemi writes/performs piano music that may be entirely independently gener…

Ballade (Balladi) composed and played by Antti Samuli Hernesniemi

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